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Hello Fellow Innovator
Welcome to the Official Website of ALTIUS, Biomedical Innovation Club of VMMC & SJH.
Here you can Browse our projects, share our projects & donate towards the project of your choice.
Feel free to contact us if you want to be a part of our journey of converting beautiful ideas into even better products.

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About Us

We are a group of undergraduate medicos of VMMC & SJH, New Delhi. Though differing in a lot of things, we all share one thing, An undying fire to bring about a change using frugal innovation.
Read about our projects to know more about us.

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Yeah that's what we are !!!


Dhruv Agrawal


Dhruv, an innovator by heart, is the tech guy of the team. Although the youngest, He is filled with immense passion for medtech. He has a frugal approach when it comes to solving problems. He is also passionate about revolutionizing education system by introducing Practical Education in Schools.

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Faith JiwaKhan

General Secratery

Faith, has always been the guy finding reasons behind various things. He likes to dig deep into issues and come out with viable solutions. His passion lies in Filmmaking and Direction.
He is also intrested in Electronics and Instrumentation.

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Divya Manchanda

PR Head

Divya, The chirpiest one amongst us is passionate about healthcare and the tech revolving around it. She has the ability to lure people's attention. She is a great content writer.

Feel Inspired ? Want to join us ? Whether you are a Student or a Philanthropist, Feel free to contact us , because it never hurts to make new friends.

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3D Printed Prosthetics

Oh I Forgot, Dart Cheap Ones !!!!

This is our Pilot Project. The world of Prosthetics has totally changed after the advent of 3D printing. Unfortunately, such change is restricted to the West. We are developing such prosthetics in Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. They cost just 200 - 500 bucks (INR) as compared the traditional prosthetics costing thousand to lakhs of rupees, while doing the same function.
Don't believe it ?
Check out about our project details below. Share it around, Donate towards it and help us in lending a hand to amputees.

Prosthetic pic.jpg

Hope you like our projects, We have projects like Artificial Cornea, Biotech in a toolbox coming soon.
Do follow us on facebook for updates about our work.

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Want to Know More

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What is this club all about ?

ALTIUS, is all about converting ideas into market ready products. We all in our everyday routine come up with great ideas but lack the platform to get those ideas running. This club provides that kind of platform to students.

Where is this club located ?

ALTIUS is located in VMMC & SJH, New delhi. Do visit us sometime

How can I play a part in this Club ?

Whether you are a student or innovator or teacher or philanthrophist, you can contact us to become a member.
This club basically is for innovative medical students but anyone is free to join.

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Contact Us

Please contact us on the email for any query. We reply within 24 hrs.
Call only between 5pm and 10pm

Thanks for submitting!


Safdarjung Campus, Ansari Nagar West, New Delhi, Delhi 110029, India




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